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Theatre comes from  a Greek word “theatron” and it is a branch of performing arts that deals with acting, singing and dancing on stage to present a story dramatically. In the Philippines, many talents are first exposed in the field of theatre arts. In fact, theatre arts have long been existing as a part of the Filipino tradition and serve effectively as a medium of social awareness and entertainment. It is also a means of liberal and artful way of expressing opinions and talents.

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As part of the Philippine tradition, many festivals and occasions are celebrated in the country where theatre arts are in use. For instance, during Holy Week, ‘Cenaculo’ takes place as an on-stage performance that re-enacts the passion of Christ. Another is the Moro-Moro which expresses the conflict between Christians and Muslims in the country. In other towns, a famous theatre form called “carillo”, which is usually a drama play, is shown after the harvest season. ‘Zarzuela’ is another famous theatre performance, a local version of Spanish operetta. In many other places or occasions, variety of traditional plays that express the Filipino love for arts are shown even up to this very day.

Today, the theatre industry is one of the factors that brings the country into the world’s spotlight. Many famous theatrical productions are played and commended in other countries while they open doors to Filipino talents for world class performances.

Performing artists involve in theatre arts usually have inner talents or potential capability to act, sing and dance on stage and provide entertainment to a wide number of audiences. Some are amateurs while others are professionals and together with them are stage managers, musical directors, stage crews, who all create ideally entertaining productions.

The Crafts

Stage performance is a craft. Like any other craft, it is something that can be nurtured, improved and enhanced from time to time. Like what has been mentioned earlier, theatre arts involve acting, singing and dancing in portraying different story or play characters. These are the crafts that must be given emphasis in every performance. The quality of the performance strongly depends on how the artists execute their crafts in all the scenes.

You may visit the ABWAG (Acting a Better Way with Actors Globally) for tips and techniques in theatre arts performance.

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